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July 13 2014


Hcg Drops Features

LOL Nah, I'm in Round 2 Phase 4. I have gained 5-10 lbs but seem to be stabilizing around 131-ish. Although round 2 only requires an 8 wk stabilization phase, I figured my system deserved that additional two weeks before another round and chose to do 10 wks since I'd done a massively long Phase 2. Yes, y'all intend on doing another round. Regrettably, I don't understand if I can really reach my target weight in one round that is short since I gained so much over the previous 9 weeks. I wished to do no longer than 30-day round which implies perhaps 15 lbs loss is potential. I am at 131 today. 110 is my target weight. Hmmmm. I am still doing correction days occasionally. Was earlier on in P3 where y'all got into trouble. There were two days where y'all shot up 3 lbs over night within one week. Regrettably, a correction day only takes off 1 entire pound in the event you 're fortunate. I can do correction days back to back but still that just nets me up to a 2 lbs loss...and I wanted to loose 6. From there it kept creeping up slowly and gradually. I was working out and exercising quite routine but some things threw where I needed to stay in the house and work on fiddly things and my exercise course was canceled for weeks. The weather has not been excessively cold, also, which does not help wanting to go outside. Recently, I've started going to roller derby exercises. Y'all got a pair of skates a few days ago but prolly going to must send them back for repair because something was defective with the mounting right out of the box. Skating was advocated by them to see if it would correct itself but so far, no go. For sure, I will know after the practice of tonight if they should go back. Y'all hurt my tailbone and fell on my bottom at practice on Friday. It's a lot but the first thing I did after I came home after practice was purchase some of padded shorts and to get on the web! y'all'm also stoked about getting outdoor wheels so I will go out on the bike trail. I've got them ordered but have to watch for them to come in along with the remainder of my protective equipment -- helmet and wrist guards. I should find a mouthgard, too. Any suggestions on type or brand?
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